About Us


We seek to make BLOOMING one of the most elegant lingerie brands for Arab women, reaching international women, by inspiring designs with good taste and high quality, which is equivalent to their needs and femininity.



Providing comfortable and high-quality lingerie and undergarments for women and stylish modern designs that meet the aspirations of their clients through a trained work team that seeks to provide the best services and achieve the highest results.



- To work with integrity and to the highest ethical standards. 

- Respect clients and make the utmost effort to satisfy them.

- We are working with high-quality standards to provide the best.

- Creating a positive work environment for BLOOMING employees.

- Always strive for improvement and development.



Nama Arabia Apparels company is one of the pioneering companies in women's clothing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Since the establishment of our company in 1965, BLOOMING brand has become a name synonymous with quality among our customers in various parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

By the early seventies, the company's activities were in the wholesale market, the increasing successes lead to establishing regional offices and warehouses in various cities of Saudi Arabia. In the early eighties, the company started exporting to the Arab Gulf countries and North Africa. By the millennium, it had become one of the most prominent names in the world of women's clothing in the region.

As part of the strategic plan, BLOOMING decided to expand further into retailing in Jeddah by adding a number of stores selling a variety of lingerie and pajamas for women. Increased customer interaction, which helped to motivate the company to double the number of its branches in the cities of the Kingdom and then spread in the Gulf countries and North Africa. From the very beginning of its presence in the Kingdom, BLOOMING took care of the Saudi culture, which is different from all cultures of the world, so it diversified its products to suit the Saudi family with its various members. In light of seeing a country moving quickly towards the future, BLOOMING decided to make intensive efforts in continuous technological development to create a new future that matches the aspirations of our customers for their happiness and comfort.