Let's Bloom

Our Story:

A proud Saudi brand founded to stand by women at all times, providing them with the comfort and confidence they need in their daily lives, Blooming celebrates beauty in all its forms and accompanies women during their most important moments to make their first times as memorable as can be: from the first bra, to the wedding day lingerie, and on to pregnancy and new mom essentials. Blooming is a brand that bridges generations, passed down from mother to daughter, throughout their journey together, further deepening their special bond and starting from that special moment the mom gifts her daughter her very first prayer dress, and on to every life stage after that.


As its famous logo suggests, Blooming is inspired by butterflies. It shares with the beautiful creature its softness and reflects its miraculous transformation from caterpillar to a delicate yet so beautiful butterfly.



About us:

Established as the retail lingerie brand of Nama Arabia Apparels Co. Ltd., a flourishing business by Al Nahdi family who’s known in Saudi Arabia for their successful investments across a broad spectrum of industries from personal care, to fashion, food and beverage, among others, Blooming has grown from 4 stores in the first year to over 35 stores in KSA by year five.


Blooming was only born in 2016 and soon proved to be a huge success, becoming the leading lingerie company in the Kingdom.

Blooming caters to the needs of women in their daily lives, offering them the confidence and comfort they crave in the form of highest quality lingerie, undergarments and home wear, in addition to sportswear, faith wear, maternity wear, bridal needs and beauty accessories.

Blooming strives to offer the best in terms of comfort and quality by using fabrics meticulously made of rayon, cotton and viscose among other natural fabrics, and designed by top Saudi-based designers.


Customers’ satisfaction is one of Blooming’s top priorities, and to that end, we’re strongly committed to our values and aim to make every woman feel soft, comfortable and elegantly sexy!

Within this spirit, Blooming targets women of all ages, mainly aged twenty years and above, both single and married, to brides-to-be and moms-to-be, and of course the young girls in their teenage years will find the cute necessities they need on their journey to womanhood.

Blooming is also the go-to lingerie store for all ladies and gentlemen looking for gifts for all occasions.

Blooming is not just a lingerie and apparel label; it's a tradition, a legacy, and a journey that spans the moments of a woman's life. Recommended from mother to daughter, offering styles that evolve with women as they journey through life's different chapters.

Blooming might as well be an all-women haven with women making up to 75% of its customers, the rest are all men who visit Blooming with the desire to make the ladies in their lives happy and content.




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